We are beyond excited at this point about our upcoming show. We are honored to have our special guest Leanne, ecstatically proud of our budding designer Karina, overwhelmed by the talent of our models, and absolutely humbled to be in the presence of the literally hundreds of vendors we are lucky enough to work with.

Just a couple photos, courtesy of my iPhone and Hal Harrison’s super expensive camera 🙂


The Eagle Has Landed!

Our honored guest, Leanne Marshall, has arrived! Though we won’t get to hang out with her too much until the show (sob!) we did get to say hello, receive her new gowns (gasp!!) and send her back out into the rainy Portland day. I promised her sunshine this weekend, so don’t let me down, weathermen!

Our spirited model Heidi Lavon was at the shop getting fitted for the runway and managed to sneak in and snap this photo. We’re so excited to have both of these ladies with us next Wednesday!

Glam Rock in the HOUSE!

We know that some brides want to bring it BIG on their wedding day- in the most glamorous, rock-star way possible. For our Glam-Rock theme, we didn’t delve too deeply into KISS or Def Leppard, but we did crank up the sparkle, satin and shine in the gowns. Our makeup and hair are derived from early 80’s glamour.