Ashley Forrette Engagement Shoot Giveaway

We all know how important the nitty gritty details for your wedding are…. but what good are the details if your photographer doesn’t ROCK? We are so lucky, at AniA, to work with many, many talented photographers, and the illustrious Ashley Forrette is definitely one of them. She is fresh, dedicated, and incredibly artistic. We have yet to see Ashley do the same thing twice- and that’s saying a lot! She also helped us with our zany inspiration shoot back in January.

Long story short, she’s been generous enough to donate an ENTIRE engagement shoot! That’s right, not just a half-shoot. A whole, big, glorious one. Take a gander below, and see why we’re so excited about this giveaway…


McMenamin’s Gearhart Hotel Giveaway

You don’t want to admit it, Portlanders, but you LOVE you some McMenamin’s. The tots are always tasty, the art weird/awesome, and who doesn’t love a Rubinator? Well, McMenamin’s is spreading their wings in Gearhart, and expanding the Sand Trap to include a hotel that will knock your socks off. Lucky for us, McMenamin’s looooooooooves weddings, and donated a sweet night at their new hotel in Gearhart for our event! Just another reason to come to CHOICE and be eligible for this raffle!

Wayne Personal Training!

For our event, we are gathering several fantastic raffle giveaways for the guests who purchase seated admission tickets. From personal experience, we know that Wayne Personal Training is your best bet for pre-wedding workouts. His quirky personality, fresh approach, and incredible knowledge will be your fast track to your honeymoon-bikini-ready body! He has graciously donated SIX FREE MONTHS of his hardcore Boot Camp for our event. Even if you’re not heading to CHOICE (Why aren’t you? You should be. Click here.)- check David out. He’ll give you a special deal if you mention AniA!

Portland Architecture Theme Sneak Peek!

The incredible, tasteful ladies over at Gather Events are heading up our theme, “Portland Architecture.” The same theme was used for our gown design contest! We love our dear city, and the complex, beautiful history that’s wrapped up in the buildings that surround us. Check out their super cool inspiration, drawing from the copper and steel of the bridges that line our city.

Gown Progress, Part Deux

More glorious photos from the Ross Island Bridge Gown Project 2012!!
This time around, Karina (under Jennifer’s careful eye) worked on finishing the chiffon overlay, adding the spiral steel boning for support in the bodice, and tracing the outline for heading on the jacket (the incredible, super snazzy beaded jacket that made us fall head over heels for this dress). Next up? MODEL FITTING!

…and would you just LOOK at this happy face?

The Gown is Being Made!! Part One

Check out the awesome in-progress shots that the talented Ashley Forrette took for us at the Art Institute last Friday! Jennifer Phillips of Nicole Couture is guiding Karina in her quest to complete the gown. The following images are of the two seamstresses working on the bodice, figuring out how to perfectly drape that stunning starburst across the bust of the Ross Island gown. Enjoy!

A quick phone shot of how the dress looks now after some more work went into it last night! SO EXCITING!