We are absolutely blown away by the submissions we got for the contest at the Art Institute. I mean, we definitely knew we would be getting some cool ideas, but WOW. The level of work, time, and effort that went into these submissions was incredible, and made our decision difficult. We will be posting pictures of all of the submissions we received very soon, but without further adieu, please enjoy the visual feast that won our contest, and our $1000 scholarship!

Karina Reed’s board, “The Bridgetown Bride,” was a perfect interpretation of our theme, Portland Architecture. What better defines our beloved city than the bridges that span our rivers? Her artistic hand created three glorious gowns that perfectly reflect three bridges. I don’t even have to describe further- just look!

Karina Reed's Bridgetown Bride

The final design, the Ross Island Bridge, will be created by Karina and our illustrious Jennifer Phillips for our big event! Thank you so much, Karina!


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